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Design Process

How it all works

Since I work with other microbusinesses, each project can usually follow a very similar structure. Be it for print or web, new design or modification of existing materials, the following steps are sure to show up in some form or another when you work with me.

1  Initial Consultation
An hour to chat about your business and what I can do to make it stand out and look polished. We'll talk about your business, the project(s) you have in mind, and my thoughts on how we can make them look fabulous. If you decide I'm the lady for the job, I'll send you an estimate for the work we talked about, we'll sign a contract, you'll pay a deposit, and I'll get to work. If not, no worries. Simple!
2  Sketch Review
After the contract and deposit are dealt with, I'll get to work researching topics we discussed and sketching out ideas for your project. I'll draw up some rough drafts of my ideas, no more than three or four, and send them to you for review. Then, we'll meet and go over them, and the direction I'm taking, make some big choices between the few options, and I'll probably give you a date to expect some more polished drafts.
3  First Draft Review
After the sketch review, I'll start working in whatever medium is appropriate for the project, usually Photoshop or HTML, and create either one or two first drafts based on our previous discussions. Once I'm happy with it, I'll send it to you to review, then we'll meet and go over the work, like before. Depending on the size of the project, there can be a few stages like this, but most projects need only one.
4  Final Review
The point of no return. At the final review meeting, we go over the state of the project so far, address any outstanding issues, discuss fulfillment advice like printing or web hosting, and make sure that any changes are discussed. At the end of the meeting, I'll provide you with a list of outstanding changes that I will make and you will provide me with (depending on the contract, but usually) the first half of the remainder of the balance. Any changes to the design after this point incur extra charges.
5  Delivery
All done! I'll drop off a DVD with all appropriate backup files (details are usually outlined in the contract) and documentation about them to go with it, along with a print sample if it's a print project. If you need any additional help with finding a printer or web host, or would like to hire me to be a liason, we can discuss it at this time. Everyone leaves happy.

What can I really do for you?

In addition to my established background as a nerd, I have experience as a designer and developer of both websites and printed documents. I'm proficient in XHTML, CSS, and Adobe design software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. I typically prefer to use Microsoft Visual Web Developer. After over a decade of familiarity with it, I am more experienced with the Microsoft Office suite of software than I'm sure is healthy. I have a working knowledge of Javascript and PHP.

My main interests are graphic design and development of web and print materials, but I also have general knowledge of marketing principles, the technical issues associated with various printing technologies, and search engine optimizaton.

I have been using computer graphics programs since I was 5 years old. I saw an illustrator using a light pen on Reading Rainbow, and I coveted it. I was hooked. I love learning about design and I'm always excited about a new project. The common thread between all my interests, professional and hobbyist, are that they're artisanal. I love creating things that will be used for a practical purpose.

Unsure about all this technology business?

Just want a website/poster/form/sign that draws the attention of your audience and doesn't look horrible? Don't worry, I'm just the nerd to get your project done competently. My quality services will be delivered reliably, quickly, and (compared to larger companies who have to rely on pesky things like employees,) inexpensively. I can offer expert research and advice on printing, web hosting, design, and related subjects, along with clear explanations. I'll provide a wealth of information about this unfamiliar subject; or I can just bang out some decent work on a short schedule, whichever level of detail you prefer. I will supply explicit estimates for my work and methodically create solutions for your problems. It's just me and my trusty laptop for hire, so I understand small business concerns. You need stuff to happen fast, and you need someone thorough to get this done right. That's me! I'm just so darn responsible. I'm a big sister. I was editor of the school paper in high school. Seriously, I've got boring glasses and everything. Hire me, I'm awesome.

I offer flexibility to my clients with individualized price estimates and relaxed, personable service.

FAQs and WTFs

Are these all your services?

No way! I'll make minor edits to your existing materials, I'll recreate a long lost digital file, I'll redesign your website, and I can add or subtract components of packages to meet your needs and budget. If you need something faster or cheaper, give me a call I'll see what I can do.

What I do

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